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    Sandy’s Acne Trial: Before & Afters

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    To put our product to the test, we followed one of our acne-suffering customers (Sandy) for only one month. We had her apply the ReNude Turmeric Antioxidant Mask twice a week and take progressive photos, every week, for 1 month. To mix the mask, Sandy used used water and a few drops of olive oil.

    Here’s a short summary of Sandy’s results after just 8 uses:

    After weeks 1 & 2
    After the first week, Sandy felt that the redness and the overall appearance of the small bumps was reduced. She felt that her skin felt “cleaner” and smoother. She noted that the larger acne spots were feeling much “calmer”.

    After weeks 3 & 4:
    The greatest improvement was noted in these weeks. Most of the larger acne has subsided with no new breakouts. As you can see, the smaller “bumps” are less red and have almost diminished. Sandy felt that the mask really helped with the larger and more inflamed acne. She loved the way the mask improved her skin and plans to continue using it regularly.


    wk1 forehead_cropped

    Detailed Summary:
    Sandy’s acne was predominantly on her forehead. You can see a gradual reduction in the overall redness and inflammation of Sandy’s blemishes. The larger acne has diminished with no new breakouts. There is also an overall improvement in the texture of her skin.

    Cheek (left side)

    wk1 cheek_left

    Detailed Summary:
    Again, you can see on Sandy’s right cheek, there was a gradual, but very noticeable improvement in the acne. The redness is diminished and the skin has an smoother texture.

    Cheek (right side)

    wk1 cheek_right

    Detailed Summary:
    Sandy had quite a breakout of smaller acne on her left cheek, which has improved each week. There are no new breakouts and the previous acne is significantly reduced by the fourth week.

    Because she was pregnant, Sandy was looking for an all-natural solution for her acne to minimize the risk to her developing baby. She was impressed by the outcome of her 4 week trial of ReNude Turmeric Antioxidant Mask and plans to continue using it to keep her acne under control! Stay tuned for her latest results!

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